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Scapes Ghazali


It is my desire to honor & celebrate the natural world by creating bold, yet delicate, new "landscapes", rich with color, soul and imagination. My work created through a unique process of extemporaneous layering free flowing colour from tube and mark-making with carefully rendered integrated natural forms. These forms or collection of characters such as shoots,deposits,heap,hill, sprouts, hives, figures, stars, branches, petals and sheath harmonize with vibrant color fields to tell stories of magical places born from imaginations, close observation and a deep connection to all living things. Often changing courses along the way, I find joy in allowing my paintings to unfold naturally as I experiment playfully with colour, form & composition.

Ultimately, I consider my work to be glorification of the immediate hour, chaotic, subtle, mystical & ever changing.

I'm crafting my art work on nature, using only strokes directly from the tube, and my fingers. Most of the paintings are semi-realistic, some are abstract. I have tried to show the boldness and the aesthetics of nature. The paintings appear haphazard when viewed up close, but they make more sense as the distance of the viewer increases.


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